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What is a Live Escape Game?
Live Escape games are a fun, new entertainment concept anyone can try.
Participants are locked inside a themed adventure room and must try to figure out how
to solve their mission before the time runs out. Escape games is a fast growing
entertaiment trend from Asia is spreading into the European capitals. Timequest was
the first supplier of Live escape games in Scandinavia opening early 2014.
How may people can play at the same time?

We got space for up to 40 players. In case you outreach the maximum capacity in one
room we might book you a second room or change the room you play. Be aware that it
might be the possible that we are fully booked during one time slot. In that case we
cannot overbook one or more rooms. We also have our outdoor so we could
accommodate 100 at the time at our place and up to 500 participants with our
transportable games. E ach rooms” has room for 4-6 people . 4-5 being the optimum
group size.  Our small Prisonbreak Is a 2 player game.

Where are you located?
We are located in Lille Strandstræde 11 & 20 – 1254 København K.
Alcatraz, The Bank, Prison Break and The Lab is located in no. 20.
Both Olsen Banden are located in no. 11.
We are only 40 meters from Nyhavn and the nice area of Sankt Annæ Plads. At Ofelia Plads you can
find a large parking facility with many parking spots.
What is the duration of a game?

Our games last 60 minutes for private groups and 66 cooperate groups and
organisations. You must arrive on time exactly. The duration from you arrive till you leave expect 90 minutes .

Do we need to plan anything in advance?
No, just arrive on time, and our Gamemasters will guide you from there. If you want
we can split your group into teams.
Are your events accessible for wheelchair users?
Unfortunately our location is not wheelchair accessible. Both our locations are located
in the basements. We have had people in wheelchairs inside the rooms . Their friends
help them down the stairs . Some areas of the gamezone might  not be easy to access
during the game but its still playable.
How does the game work?
It is very easy. You will receive a short introduction from our Gamemaster who will
guide you during the game through a monitor. The clock is ticking, and you must now
escape by searching the room, looking for clues and completing challenging tasks. You
have 60 minutes to get out, so you will need the power of teamwork and creativity and
bring all the different skills into play
What is the price?

PRIVATE – 240 DKK per person.
Our standard prices are 240 DKK per person and you pay for min. 4 persons in our standard rooms.
Our 2 person Prisonbreak Escape Room is 600 DKK in total.
Operation Mindfall is 300 DKK per person.

BUSINESS – 240 DKK per person ex. VAT.
Cooperate groups have extra time in the room and additional puzzles.

DISCOUNT – 15 % – only private groups.

We offer 15 % discount for bookings monday to friday before 13.00.

We offer 15 % discount on all our rooms on sundays.

Are the rooms scary?
No. The teamevents are mysterious, challenging and immersive, but not scary . It’s
also ok if you’re a little claustrophobic. The rooms are spacious and nobody is forced to
do anything they don’t want to, and  can always ask to leave the room.
What is your alcohol policy?
The game masters have the right to refuse admission to anybody suspected of being
under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In this case there will be no refunds. It is a
game where you need to focus and communicate. It will spoil everybody’s fun if you
come straight from a pub or have been drinking to much.
Can I buy a giftcard?
Sure, we offer a wider range of options which make great gifts for various occasions.
After payment, we will send the vouchers immediately via e-mail. Of course you can
also buy them directly at our location and sometimes we even offer them in a riddle
Is there an age limit?
The minimum age is 10 and youngsters under 15 must be accompanied by an adult.



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Find us here!

Find us here!

+45 91 56 56 91 (weekdays 8am - 5pm)
[email protected]
Lille Strandstræde 11 & 20
Monday – Saturday 10am – 9pm
Sunday 11.45am – 9pm

+45 91 56 56 91 (weekdays 8am - 5pm)  [email protected]  Lille Strandstræde 11 & 20  Monday - Saturday 10am - 9pm  Sunday 11.45am - 9pm